The T-34 was originally equipped with an anemic Continental O-470.  To increase performance, reliability, resale value, and strength, we can upgrade your T-34 to the Continental IO-520, IO-550-B or IO-550-R engines.  We remove your original O-470 engine and completely modify the structure of the engine compartment.  This modification removes the old, light weight, 55 year old structure up front and replaces it with new, much heavier duty material to accept the higher horsepower engine.  We have all of the specialty equipment and jigs for an accurate installation.  At this time the engine compartment can be stripped and repainted, and new wiring harness installed.  When comparing the specifications, it is easy to see why this conversion is a worthwhile investment.

Factory 0-470:

  • 225hp @ 2600rpm
  • Carbureted
  • Dry sump oil system (extra clutter in engine compartment/more prone to oil leaks)
  • No longer produced new


  • 285hp @ 2700rpm
  • Fuel injected
  • Wet sump oil system
  • TBO: 1700hrs


  • 300hp @ 2700rpm
  • Fuel injected
  • Wet sump oil system
  • TBO: 1700hrs

IO-550-R overhead induction:

  • 310hp @ 2700rpm
  • Fuel injected
  • Wet sump oil system
  • TBO: 2200hrs


Over the years, many modifications have been developed for the T-34.  Many are STC’d and some that can be performed with a simple field approval.  Some of the more popular modifications include:

  • Wing tip tanks
  • LED lighting
  • Smoke systems
  • Digital primary engine analyzers
  • 8” wheels and brakes
  • Bungee interconnect removal
  • Wing station 66 doubler plates
  • ALEC carry through cables
  • Beechcraft common spars
  • Cleanable air filters
  • Control surface conversion to aluminum
  • Sealed battery conversions



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