Our decades of experience have given us a great understanding of piston powered Beechcraft. We have acquired or made all of the specialty tools and jigs necessary to do major repairs on the aircraft. Multiple copies of parts catalogs, structural repair manuals, wiring diagrams, and maintenance manuals are available to and used by employees. Comprehensive inspection guides are used during annuals, and work is repeatedly checked by multiple employees to eliminate errors. Our in depth knowledge and familiarity allows us to diagnose problems faster, and make repairs more rapidly, saving the customer time and money. Inspections and repairs are never done hastily to avoid unnecessary mistakes and possibly serious consequences. We have the capability to repair, rebuild, or overhaul basically any component of the aircraft. From installing new tires to replacing carry-through structure, no job is too big or small. Our inclusive inventory of specialty tools and equipment give us the ability to offer many services for T-34s, Bonanzas, and Barons including:

Component Overhaul

  • Landing gear transmissions and struts
  • Trim quadrants
  • Engine control levers
  • Canopies
  • Flap actuators
  • Brake master cylinders

Control Surface Reskinning

  • Flaps
  • Ailerons
  • Rudders
  • Elevators
  • Horizontal and vertical stabilizers

Engine Tuning

  • Fuel pressure adjustments
  • GAMI injectors
  • Propeller balancing
  • Governor rigging

AD and Service Bulletin Compliance

  • We can comply with the requirements of any AD or service bulletin applicable to the airframe, engine, or appliance


  • Two IAs on staff to perform annual or 100hr inspections, as well as major repairs and alterations

Weight and Balance

  • We have the jacks and calibrated scales to do accurate weight and balance reports
  • We also have equipment to accurately balance flight controls, a process commonly overlooked

Aircraft Appraisals

  • We are members of the National Aircraft Appraisers Association (NAAA) providing the most accurate and complete Appraisals and Market Analysis for you aircraft. Our NAAA service is unique in that our primary mission is to provide you with a prompt, accurate aircraft appraisal at a reasonable price. Our connection to the NAAA extensive database, and standardized method of evaluation, enable us to appraise your aircraft at its current market value, not the historical value!

Aircraft Pre-buys

  • When it comes to buying your next Beechcraft, make sure there are no hidden nightmares. We offer complete pre-buy inspections that include a full NAAA certified appraisal so that you know exactly what your prospective investment is worth. With the average Beechcraft being 30 years old, it is not only wise, but necessary to have a competent pre-buy inspection performed by a qualified shop that specializes on the particular model under consideration. We have the qualifications from years of experience working on nothing but Beechcraft.