Ultimate Bonanza

The newest addition to Blackwell Aviation’s specialties, the Ultimate Bonanza package is an aircraft that outperforms a factory new Bonanza at a fraction of the cost.  Our desire is to rebuild the lowest time, no damage history, post 1978 V35, F33, or A36 Bonanza’s into aircraft that are more powerful, more capable, and more beautiful than a factory new aircraft at half the price.  Starting with a suitable used airframe, all equipment is removed, paint stripped, and glass removed.  The entire aircraft is then inspected, modified, and painted per customer specs with all new parts.


  • Gross weight - 3,850 lbs
  • Empty weight - 2,500 lbs
  • Useful load - 1,350 lbs
  • Fuel Capacity - 120 gal 100LL
  • Cruising speed - 12,000 ft @ 180 kts TAS
  • Climb - 1,200 ft/min @ 95 kts
  • Range (high power cruise) - 1,280 Nm with IFR reserve
  • Range (economy cruise) - 1,500 Nm with IFR reserve


  • Tru Atlantic STC’d IO-550-R conversion
  • Factory new Continental Motors IO-550-R
    • Power: 310 hp @ 2700 rpm
    • Fuel: 100LL
    • TBO: 2200 hrs
  • Factory new Hartzell 82” Super Scimitar propeller
  • Carbon fiber cowl doors and nosebowl
  • Robust and excellent sealing engine baffling


  • New laser cut instrument panel
  • Aspen Avionics Evolution 2000 Pro PFD/MFD
  • Avidyne AMX240 audio panel
  • Avidyne IFD540 navigator
  • Garmin GNS430W secondary
  • Avidyne AXP340 ADS-B transponder
  • King KFC200 autopilot
  • JPI EDM930 primary engine analyzer (eliminates analog gauges)
  • Digital fuel gauges
  • Backup airspeed, altimeter, and horizon


  • Custom leather seats
  • Leather wrapped side panels, trim, and yokes
  • New carpet, weatherstripping, and Sound-Ex soundproofing
  • Cabin fresh air blower


  • Aircraft completely stripped and recoated with top of the line epoxy primer
  • All damage repaired and necessary skins replaced
  • New LP Aero Plastics windscreen and side windows installed
  • Basecoat of customer spec’d colors applied using industry preferred Imron AF700/740 basecoat/clearcoat

Aircraft Systems:

  • Landing gear:
    • All three gear assemblies stripped, resealed, and painted
    • Landing gear transmission overhauled
    • Upgraded heavy duty main retract rods
    • All actuating components thoroughly inspected and rigged
    • New 8” wheel and brake kits
  • Flight controls:
    • All flight controls are stripped, replaced as necessary, painted, and balanced
    • All flight control cables meticulously inspected
    • Rudder reinforced to eliminate rudder hinge AD
    • Magnesium elevator control arms replaced with aluminum
    • Gap seals
    • The aircraft is completely rigged to obtain perfect straight and level flight
  • Plumbing:
    • Pitot and static lines and hoses leak checked and inspected for corrosion
    • Leaking brake lines and hoses replaced and master cylinders resealed
  • Wiring:
    • Original wiring is modified to meet new specs, any unused wiring and components removed
    • B&C standby alternator system incorporated
    • Totally new avionics harness is fabricated, bench tested, and installed
    • All wiring is coded with matching schematics and tied into neat, carefully routed bundles to make for an exceptionally clean and functional installation
  • Fuel system:
    • JL Osborne tip tanks added (20 gal each)
    • Dukes 2 speed boost pump
    • Eagle fuel drains
  • Lighting:
    • Exterior bulbs replaced with LED lighting
    • Alpine Aviation main landing gear mounted landing lights
    • Orion strobe lights
  • Oxygen system:
    • Mountain High built in 76 cubic foot 6 place oxygen system

Result:  An aircraft that is better equipped, more reliable, and has more opportunities for customization than a factory new plane, and a much lower cost.