Let us help you design an instrument panel that will best suit your needs.  From design to installation, we are your one stop shop.  If an entirely new instrument panel is desired, we can make the layout and have a new one laser cut.  Once the avionics package is selected, schematics are created that utilize all functions of the equipment.  Wires are stamped with the appropriate coding, and are carefully and correctly terminated, with shielding as necessary to prevent noise interference.  All wiring is terminated on a workbench, and the system is checked connector to connector to verify the pinouts are correct.  The harness is then installed in the aircraft and care is taken to isolate it from any possible noise inducing components or wiring.  Next the system is tested to insure everything powers up correctly and initial programming is done.  The aircraft is then test flown multiple times to work out any bugs and make adjustments as needed before handing it off to the customer.  When finished you can be sure that all equipment can be used up to its full potential.

We are currently an authorized dealer for many top of the line manufacturers including:

Aspen Avionics    Primary/Multifunction Displays

Avidyne    GPS Navigators, Audio Panels, Transponders

Freeflight   ADS-B Transceivers

JP Instruments    Engine Data Monitoring Systems

Ultra Electronics    Engine Data Monitoring Systems


We also have experience installing many other brands:


S-Tec        Autopilots

Chelton    Primary/Multifunction Displays

Garmin    GPS Navigators, Audio Panels, Transponders

King        Autopilots, Audio Panels, Navigators, Comms

And many more!