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This is a rare opportunity to buy a T-34B restoration that is underway.  A large amount of work has been accomplished to this date.  We have completely rebuilt the wings to include new skin, factory Baron spars, WS66 mod, new wiring, new fuel cells, new plumbing and all internal painting including wheel wells.  The wings are complete and ready for painting!  The fuselage has been completely stripped, cleaned and inspected.  The entire front end was removed and a complete new front end installed with IO550 engine conversion completed.  Cockpit interior walls have been replaced with aluminum and the interior structure is painted Navy gray.

See detailed photo's at:

This is a chance to get in on a ground up restoration that has had the bulk of the difficult work completed.  You are getting over 1500 hours of work practically free.  The cost of the airframe and all mods are worth more than the package price!  All you need to do is decide on what colors you want it painted, the engine/propeller selection, and avionics.

This is a complete aircraft and comes with all airframe components:

New set of canopies

Beautiful completed wings

Fuselage with big engine mod complete

Includes all AMOCS, Spars, WS66, ALEC cable

All new flight control cables

New rebuilt seats

Most components have been painted and are ready for assembly

It is up to you, buy it from us and complete the process yourself or have us complete the restoration.

Price $125,000